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About Us

Touch Screen Repair at Mr. Phone US

   Stay carefree with Mr. Phone 

Mr. Phone is a phone repair store in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It is like a quick-service phone spa. After you book an appointment and bring your phone, it is quickly & carefully diagnosed for the pain points as per your directions.

Once we have understood the areas of focus, our experts with more than 15 years of experience work on it and fix it to the point where your phone feels rejuvenated and alive again. It speeds up and becomes ready for further usage along with a 90-days warranty.

All this process takes around 15-30 minutes, as we understand your phone is important to you and you need it fixed quickly.


We are the best at repairing phones, repairing game consoles HDMI ports, motherboards, laptops, and more.


Mr. Phone also has some of the coolest mobile phone accessories in Tulsa.

Fancy phone back covers, earphones, AirPod covers, USB cables, chargers, power banks, smartwatch bands, car phone chargers, long USB Type C charging cables

Cell Phone Repairs:

Broken screen repair, water damage repair, slow phone performance, broken camera, power button issues charging port problems are our regular projects.

We are also equipped to fix some of the most complicated issues in the motherboard or IC and more.


Just bring your phone to us, and we'll repair it for you in no time.


Employees at Mr. Phone enjoy new challenges. So the more crucial your phone repair is, the more interesting it is for us.

Our Focus

Our focus is to help you save more money and feel satisfied with your phone's performance, be it repairing the phone screen, speeding up your slow phone or anything else. This is followed by a 90 days warranty.

Meet the Owner

Hi, I'm Haitham. I'm the Phone Guru in the Tulsa area. I have a unique gift of fixing phones in the most cost effective & efficient way.

Meet the Team
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