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Battery Replacement

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Our phone batteries' lives are limited. Once the battery is worn out it starts showing signs like dying early, bloated battery, taking more time to charge and more.

Mr. Phone battery replacement 71st & Mingo
Mr. Phone battery replacement 71st & Mingo

What we do at Mr. Phone US 71st & Mingo?

Our experts quickly diagnose your phone for free. What we do is we check your battery for the mentioned reasons and more. If we see an issue where the battery needs replacement, we give you that option.


You can increase your battery life by charging only when needed, because every battery has a certain number of charges.

Letting your phone battery drain completely, then charging it to full is also a good idea.

Here’s how to get it fixed by us:

  1. Just walk-in

  2. Call before visiting us @ (918) 513-1963

  3. Book an appointment online


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