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Phone Water Damage Repair

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

When it comes to water damage, everything else is less important. Bring it to Mr. Phone at 71st & Mingo at the earliest to avoid bigger issues.

Mr. Phone 71st & Mingo Water Damage Repair
Water Damage Repair

What to do when phone has water in it?

You can:

  • Immediately switch your phone off - Do not try to turn it on

  • Dry it off with a paper towel

  • Visit Mr. Phone at 71st & Mingo for water damage treatment at the earliest

What happens when your phone is wet?

Your phone is made of complicated circuits, IC, a motherboard and more. These elements are not water friendly. When you drop your phone in water, it seeps in through various openings and poses a threat to the electronics in your phone. The idea is to save it as much as possible. The reason we advise you to bring your phone to us is so the damage can be controlled as much as possible.

Our experts carefully open up your phone and dry clean it inside and out. We know the most critical parts that need to be saved first to save your phone.

The longer it takes, the harder it gets to save the phone.

So the next time your phone goes for a swim do not worry, we'll fix it for you. Just do the pointers mentioned above and bring it in.


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