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Should you take your phone to the sauna?

Many people come to us with the issues of phones being slow or crashing/hanging a lot and all. We usually ask our customers if they know what had happened and a little background to it. Many of them say they use their phones in the sauna (dry sauna and steam sauna). It's understandable that you have your phone with you while you are working out and then you head to the sauna, not having a place to store your phone you take it with you to listen to songs or watch videos.

But this is a mistake. One should never take their phones to a place where the heat is so high. Your phone has a motherboard, little circuits, chips, and more which when exposed to such high temperatures get messed up. This in turn messes up your phone. Make your phone slow, in worst cases, it can even explode or burn out. In case your phone has a SIM Card or an SD Card, that is another thing going to get damaged.

Your phones can work under 95 F or 35 C at the max, beyond that it is harmful to the phone.

Although it is up to you to take your phone with you or not. In case you encounter your phone running slow or crashing and all we are here to help you. Experts at Mr. Phone US can take care of damaged motherboards, IC, and more. We are just a call away or just walk in at 71st & Mingo Tulsa.

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